Hello Hashnode Community - I am Miki Szeles from Hungary

Hello Hashnode Community - I am Miki Szeles from Hungary

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Hello Hashnode Community馃枑

I am Mikl贸s(Miki) Szeles from Hungary and I am here for 3 reasons:

  1. Learn from you
  2. Share my knowledge
  3. Entertain you

Learn from you

I have already learned a lot from you since I started using the Hashnode platform a few weeks ago. I wanted to list some of the articles, but in the end, I couldn't choose which one, as all of them are pretty valuable. So here is the complete list of Hashnode articles that I found useful in any way:

Content creation and networking

Self development and productivity tips



Fellow developers who just started blogging on Hashnode just like me


And I am pretty sure there are plenty of great articles that I missed. Actually, I will make this a habit, so from time to time, I will share the list of articles I found useful here on Hashnode.

Share my knowledge

Knowledge sharing is very important according to my opinion, that is why I started using Hashnode, as I heard it is a great platform to reach other developers. So let's see what I have which might be valuable to you.

  1. I have more than 15 years of experience in Software Development from which one year is specialized in Test Automation.
  2. I have a few years of experience in writing what I got writing my personal blog and posting to my photographer Facebook page.
  3. I also have some experience in personal brand and community building.

So you can expect me to write technical articles about these topics. Follow me in case you are interested in any.

Entertain you

Well, I have my own sense of humour which you might or might not like. I cannot do anything about that, and I don't want to either. From time to time in addition to technical articles, I will write personal stories about the human side of being a software developer. Some of them will be light, but others might go deeper.

Thanks for reading my introduction. I am happy to be here. In case you would like to know more about me, just read my bio, or drop me a message via LinkedIn, I will happily answer it.

Hello Hashnode Community - I am happy to be here. 馃槉

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