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Testing Is The Soul Of Everything


Testing Is The Soul Of Everything

How to Improve Your Memory With Exponential Speed AKA How You Can Become An Agileish Superhero AKA Sprint 0003

How to Improve Your Memory With Exponential Speed AKA How You Can Become An Agileish Superhero AKA Sprint 0003

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I am Miki Szeles from Hungary, Budapest.

I am an agileish superhero with super learning, super thinking and super memory superpowers.

Actually, everybody who was a child had these abilities, but unfortunately, most of us have lost these superpowers over the years.

My goal is to help you rediscover these superpowers in yourself.

In this video, I teach you the 1+1+5 memorisation technique AKA The Kidish Mindish Methodish.

With this technique, you can memorise anything in an easy and fun way.

In the video, I am playing a game from SuperHuman Academy's game library called Camera Mind in which you have to memorise the relative position of randomly appearing circles.

Although it might seem boring and useless at first, it is very useful.

This game is a kata, a form of practice. The name comes from martial arts, in which you can improve your skills by doing these form practices.

Camera Mind is the fence painting and car polishing of memorisation.

By doing this exercise, you can really master memorisation and you can make sure you will (almost) never forget anything.

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Learn how to memorize anything in the world with me. In this series, I teach you everything I know about learning and memorization, including memory palaces, marker images, number memorisation techniques, associations, etc.

You can already find the first videos on my Youtube channel in which I show you that it is possible to memorise such boring things as positions of circles.

Don't forget to read How You Can Become An Agileish Super Learner AKA How You Can Become A Super Thinker AKA The Proof Of Concept (POC) before you watch the videos.

The next session's date is still under discussion, join the Agileish Superheroes Facebook group to learn memorization techniques, thinking techniques, agility, reading and learning techniques and also to get notified about new live sessions and videos

As I am a crazy person, I have open-sourced my life on GitHub on Fool's day.

I am sharing my thoughts, writings and creations and as I am committing frequently, I have open-sourced my thinking process, my writing process and also my creation process.

Just click here, to check my open-sourced life on Github!

My credo: The Mystery Of The Supposedly Red โค Emoji AKA The Story Of How I Became A Software Developer Detective To Debug The Internet

Read my story, in case you would like to understand how I think and act as a developer and tester in the real world. You can get some insights about my humour, and I am also happy to tell you that this is my article about which I am the proudest of now.

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  • Minnie: Miki! Are you still here?
  • Miki: Sure. You know I am waiting for the teaser trailer.
  • Minnie: Me too. What will be the teaser this time?
  • Miki: I have started to learn Japanese and I will create a Youtube series from it where I teach people how to learn any language in the world.
  • Minnie: Whaaaat?
  • Miki: Yepp.
  • Minnie: Wow. I love those funky kanjis.
  • Miki: Me too. I wanted to learn Japanese since I watched the Hikaru No Go anime.
  • Minnie: Oh, I love Hikaru. As far as I know, that inspired you back then to play Go.
  • Miki: That is true. Unfortunately, I gave up around 12 kyus 10 years ago.
  • Minnie: Yeah, but you started again a few days ago.
  • Miki: Yep.
  • Minnie: What level are you on at the moment?
  • Miki: 9 kyus.
  • Minnie: Cool. How is that possible? You have improved 3 levels by not playing?
  • Miki: I have started to use my agileish super thinking and super memory superpowers for Go too.
  • Minnie: Wouldn't it be fun if our readers would play with you?
  • Miki: I would love that.
  • Minnie: Where can they find you?
  • Miki: On KGS with the username mszeles.

Miki, Minnie: Dear Reader! Something good will happen to you today!

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