The Mystery Of The Small But Cute Refrigerator On The 3rd Floor - My First 3 Months At DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Kft.

The Mystery Of The Small But Cute Refrigerator On The 3rd Floor - My First 3 Months At DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Kft.

I remember exactly our first meeting with the refrigerator on the 3rd floor. My first impression was it is small but cute. When I opened it I was impressed. It was shining and there were 4 different kinds of milk in it. I did not even think there is much more in it than being a normal refrigerator.

Weeks passed and I started to hear rumours. There was a case when a Túró Rudi disappeared from it, and there was another case when a full packet of ham and cheese disappeared without any clue. I even heard a story when there was a sticky note on the food with the name of Alan on it, but by the next day (no it was not the weekend cleaning) it was gone.

DISCLAIMER: In order to protect the safety of our hero's loved ones, I have changed his name to Alan.

But as you might already know in case you read my The Mistery Of The Supposedly Red ❤ Emoji AKA The Story Of How I Became A Software Developer Detective To Debug The Internet writing, you already know I really love detective stories. I highly recommend reading it it is only 17 minutes long. I promise, you won't regret it, but if yes, just come back here and shout madly in the comment section. 😊

So I leave here a clue for you:


I was quite a sceptic in the beginning. It is such a nice refrigerator, it cannot be true it steals our food. I thought maybe Alan put his food in the other fridge, or he has blackouts during which he eats his food not remembering anything afterwards.

I remember we were talking with Alan while we were bringing in our daily confectionery portion into our bodies. I admit he made a mistake here. He only ate half of his Hungarian Sponge Cake, actually he could learn from me as I always eat every bit of my cake. Let's forgive this to him for now.

While we were talking he recalled a story when his food mysteriously disappeared from the refrigerator. In order to prevent it from happening again, he picked up his fork and mixed the cake till it became an ugly dollop.

He put it back in the refrigerator and we continued working till we went home.

We usually come early in the morning and have a coffee together where we talk about life work and everything else. But this occasion was different. I will never forget his face what I saw in the morning, it has been burnt into me for an eternity. I just hope nobody has to see that face again. A tragedy happened.

The Ugly Dollop Hungarian Sponge Cake Has Disappeared.

That was the moment when I started to believe in the urban legends of the refrigerator. One week came after the other and I heard more similar stories. People were trying to guess how it is possible so many things are disappearing from this small but cute refrigerator on the 3rd floor.

Then I suddenly enlightened. I found the only possible answer for the situation.

There Must Be A Black Hole In This Small But Cute Refrigerator.

There's no other potential explanation. I was sure, somewhere in the universe, there is a place which is full of half-eaten sandwiches, cakes and of course "Túró Rudi". It must be completely similar to the black hole which sucks every half pair of socks. "Billions of socks have been lost since the dawn of time – but only ever one, never a pair".

Actually, I found a workaround to the problem of the missing socks. I've ordered 50 pairs of black socks from Amazon, so I, not just don't have to worry about losing some, but I do not have to pair them at all.

But let's get back to our story. We were standing there, completely shocked. We had no idea what to do. Alan tried to convince me there might be other explanations for the situation than just the black hole, but I was adamant. Using Occam's Razor there can be no other explanation as my idea was the simplest one.

I am sad to tell you that this mystery is still unsolved up till now. So to be on the safe side we told Alan to put a huge amount of laxative liquid into his food next time. I can just hope he won't forget about it. That would be quite unpleasant recognition for him.

Next time, when you open our small but cute refrigerator on the 3rd floor, and you see some food with the name Alan on it, or with any name, or any food without a name, please feel some empathy towards me. I honestly never ever ever ever ever want to see that face again.

In case I still have not convinced you, then just simply remember our advice...😊

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