Breaking News! Selenideium Element Inspector Bounty Hunting Reward Program Is Here ☕

Breaking News! Selenideium Element Inspector Bounty Hunting Reward Program Is Here ☕

UPDATE: The program has ended.

As you might already know Selenidium Element Inspector is an open-source Chrome extension with which test automation teams can save hours daily while they are automating tests via using Selenide, Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Squish and TestCafe frameworks.

The Backstory

In the last few days, Selenideium had its first 2 contributions.

The first one was a bug report (yeah, bug reports are so important I also count them as contributions ) by TheDevilOfJesters from Pittsburgh 10 days ago. He noticed the Options page showing "Selenium Java" 3 times instead of showing Selenium Java, Selenium Javascript and Selenium C#.

Thanks again for the bug report Jester. 🧡😊

I have to admit however I reacted quite quickly I did not start working on the bug as I was busy writing

  1. My First Month on Hashnode - A Retrospection About Blogging on Hashnode Developer Journaling Platform by Miki Szeles

  2. Hashnode Weekly 004 by Miki Szeles

  3. The Mistery Of The Supposedly Red ❤ Emoji AKA The Story Of How I Became A Software Developer Detective To Debug The Internet

All of them are related to software development and blogging, so I highly recommend checking them in case you have not done it yet.

I did not consider the bug showstopper as you can figure out the real meaning of the options with a few clicks, so I left the source code untouched for a few days.

And that is the story, how the second open-source contribution has happened as Jorge Romero submitted a bugfix in the form of a merge request for it.

Thanks, Jorge. 🧡😊

As I am already using which is a great solution to provide the option for my readers to support me, I decided to buy a Coffee for Jorge.

It is of course far from being paid as you would get paid for your daily job, but I remember how happy I was when Maddy bought a coffee for me a few days ago. Thanks, Maddy. 🧡😊

In addition, to show my gratitude for the bugfix I also wanted to show my gratitude to Jester for reporting the bug. So I told him I would like to buy a coffee for him, but I am still waiting for his Buy Me a Coffee link. 😊

And that was the point when the idea of the Selenideium Element Inspector Bounty Hunting Reward Program was born in my mind. 😊

The Selenideium Element Inspector Bounty Hunting Reward Program

The program is very simple. As soon as you do one of the following, I will buy you a coffee:

  • Report a valid bug

  • Submit an approved feature request

  • Fix a reported bug

  • Implement an approved feature request

  • Write an article about your experiences with Selenideium Element Inspector. In this case, you can be sure I will share your article on Twitter and LinkedIn too.


Q: Can I get a ☕ for multiple bug reports?
A: Sure, just make sure you submit them as separate issues.

Q: Can I get ☕ for fixing my own bug report/implement my own feature request?
A: Sure. And in case you do that, I will buy 1 extra coffee for you.

Q: Can I get a ☕ in case I write negative things about Selenideium Element Inspector?
A: Having one-two area of improvement mentioned is absolutely ok, but in case it is a completely negative article, then I won't pay a ☕ for it, but instead of that I offer you a 15 minutes long video call, so you can share your experience with me, based on which we can further improve Selenideium Element Inspector.

Q: What if I contribute a lot? Can I earn extra ☕?
A: Sure. I really admire returning contributors, so after every 5 contributions, I will buy an extra ☕ for you. 😊

Q: I love Selenidium Element Inspector as I can really save a lot of time daily. Can I buy you a ☕?
A: Sure. Just click on the link below!

![]( me a coffee&emoji=&slug=theashishmaurya&button_colour=FFDD00&font_colour=000000&font_family=Cookie&outline_colour=000000&coffee_colour=ffffff align="left")

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Selenideium Element Inspector

  2. Use Selenideium Element Inspector

  3. Check the source code on Github

  4. Report your bug/feature request

  5. Submit fixes and feature implementations

  6. Get a ☕

  7. Go to 2.

In order to motivate you for sharing the news, I will select 5 people randomly from those who share this article on Twitter in the upcoming week. Just do not forget to tag @selenideium. 😊

Happy Bounty Hunting! Enjoy your ☕. 😊

Still, have questions? Ask it in the comment section! I will update the post with the answers.

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