Do You Want to Learn Software Development From Top-Notch Experts From All Around The World? Here is Your Chance! AKA The Craft Conf Giveaway

Do You Want to Learn Software Development From Top-Notch Experts From All Around The World? Here is Your Chance! AKA The Craft Conf Giveaway

UPDATE 1: If you are interested in why I am attending the Craft Conf 2022 conference, just click here!

UPDATE 2: As most of you are most probably busy with writing an article for the Hashnode Writeathon the deadline has been extended by one week, so the new deadline is the 25th of May.

  • Nikolai: What is this bul.shit again? -Miki: This is not bul.shit, this is one of the biggest conferences about software development.
  • Nikolai: YAC!
  • Miki: What does YAC mean?
  • Nikolai: Yet another conference.
  • Miki: YAC!
  • Nikolai: My YAC?
  • Miki: My YAC!
  • Nikolai: What YAC?
  • Miki: This YAC.
  • Maudience: Guys! Stop it! We are losing our readers!
  • Nikolai: So what does your YAC mean?
  • Miki: Yes, Another Conference!
  • Nikolai: But this is your third conference this year. Just recall the first conference about the Future of Testing framework. That was a huge disappointment.
  • Miki: You are right, we heard almost nothing about the future, but it was still very valuable. Anyway, do you remember Reinforce AI? That was a great conference.
  • Nikolai: Sure. I have been waiting to give me life since you wrote Would You Freak Out If You Could Talk To Dead People? - Miki Szeles's Report on Reinforce AI Conference.
  • Miki: Who knows, maybe in the future when you will have enough digital footprint. I might resurrect you then.
  • Nikolai: I have to admit, it was a very eye-opening conference, even I enjoyed it, but how can you tell based on that Craft Conf will be a great conference?
  • Miki: There were multiple successful Craft Confs during the last years.
  • Nikolai: Ok, but is there anything else,?
  • Miki: Sure. There will be more than 70 talks.
  • Nikolai: 70+? That is crazy.
  • Miki: Yep. 70+ talks from experts from all around the world.
  • Nikolai: You almost convinced me to visit the conference, but is there anything else with which you can come up?
  • Miki: Sure. This conference is organized by Felhő, Anna, Médea, Károly, Barna, Vanda, Viktória, Anna, Renáta, Fanni, Bianka, Réka, Kata, Barbara, Veronika, Vivien, Marcel, Martin, Emilía, Kristóf, Gergő and László. Nikolai: Who are they? Miki: They are the people behind CraftHub, the organizer of the Reinforce AI conference.
  • Nikolai: Ok, that conference was pretty cool. I was amazed at where AI is at the moment. You convinced me. Where is my ticket?
  • Miki: Ok. If you want your ticket right now, just click here, and you can buy a ticket at a 20% discount.
  • Maudience: Can our readers use this link too?
  • Miki: Yeah, sure. But I do advise them to keep on reading.
  • McMuck: Are they paying for this article? You should definitely ask a huge some for this.
  • Miki: Not for this article, but I made an agreement with CraftHub regarding other articles.
  • Nikolai: So why do you write this article?

  • Miki: I want to make a giveaway to reward our readers. My plan was to offer 3 tickets from mine, but they were so nice they gave 3 tickets for this giveaway.

  • Nikolai: Cool. Will you be at the conference personally then?
  • Miki: Yep.
  • Nikolai: Can I go?
  • Miki: All of us will go, which means 30+ characters.
  • McMuck: We will go bankrupt. Do we have to pay for tickets for all of us?
  • Miki: Easy, McMuck. Easy. We will be disguised.
  • McMuck: So we create a wooden horse, and all of them will get into it?
  • Miki: No, we will look like one normal person.
  • McMuck: Who?
  • Miki: We will look like as Miki Szeles 😊
  • McMuck: Huh. We are saved.
  • Nikolai: Ok, so can we get back to the conference?
  • Miki: Sure.

  • Nikolai: So, we have decided we will go. I do believe it is time to make our schedule.

  • Miki: You are right. How will we create our schedule?
  • Maudience: Don't worry, Anna from CrafHub provided a Google Spreadsheet containing the schedule, so based on that and our readers can easily create their schedule too.
  • Miki: Cool. Where is it?
  • Maudience: It does not exist yet.
  • Miki: What?
  • Maudience: I will need 1-2 hours to do that.
  • Miki: But we will lose our readers by then.
  • Mikaru: Do not worry. I brought here a great Japanese anime. I am pretty sure they will stick to the screen.
  • Miki: Oh. I think I know what you will bring. You will get the anime which inspired me to play go back then.
  • Mikaru: Exactly. It is the Hikaru No Go anime. The whole series is available on Youtube. Click here to watch it.

Creating Our Schedule

  • Manality: I am back.
  • Miki: Wow. You have finished in 10 minutes. Cool.
  • Manality: I have not finished.
  • Miki: What? But I wrote a script for you to collect the talks and the names.
  • Manality: That is true, but I have not found any schedule on the homepage,
  • Miki: Ouch. What will we do then?
  • Minnie: I have an idea!
  • Miki, Nikolai, Manality: Hello Minnie!
  • Minnie: Hi. Sorry for being late. I just had the data analysis class taught by experts from Dmlab at the Budapest University of Economics and Technology (BME).
  • Miki: Cool. What have you learned?
  • Minnie: I learned about time series, but to be honest, I could not focus as Meadline pushed me to do my work as the deadline was very close.
  • Maudience: Minnie, guys! Focus. Focus. You know, our audience...
  • Miki: We know, Maudience. We know.
  • Minnie: So we can write the end of the article, and as we will meet Anna today, we can ask for a schedule from here.
  • Miki: Cool. Then let's write the Giveaway section.

  • Miki: I have finished with the giveaway section. By now, you can find the schedule on the Craft Conf homepage, and we also got the spreadsheet.

  • Minnie: Cool.
  • Miki: DJMic! Can you please provide us with some music.
  • DJMic: Sure. This time I brought a world-class Hungarian band.
  • Miki: Cool. Who are they? The Carbonfools?
  • DJMic: This time, I will play Paddy and The Rats.
  • Miki: I know them. I love it. I love pirates since I played Pirates back then on my C64 and PC.
  • DJMic: Me too. Just click here and start the planning!

Really Creating Our Schedule

  • Miki: Just one note before we start. The schedule might slightly change, so I advise you to check the conference's page a few days before the conference to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Just click here, make your own copy, and you can already start your planning.

  • Minnie: Cool. Let's start.
  • Miki: There will be 4 offline stages: Main stage, Platform 2, Blue stage, and Green stage. The green stage is different from the others as that is hands-on, which means you can make your hand dirty by writing code.

There will be 2 online stages Pink stage and the Red stage. As the speakers are from all around the world, not all of them can travel to Hungary so that they will have a virtual talk.

  • Miki: There will be 3 speakers I know. I know Micheal Feathers and Dan North as they were already very famous back then before my Udemy course era (I am learning almost everything related to software development from Udemy courses). And I know Ivett Ördög personally.
  • Minnie: Holy moly! Michael Feathers, Daniel Terhorst-Nort and Ivett Ördög at the same conference. I hope we can visit all three. Can we?
  • Miki: Yes, luckily, there is no overlapping. All of them will be on the 3rd of June. Here are the talks in CET time:
  • 11:25-12:10: Team Autonomy and the Capability-Aware Organization by Michael Feathers - Platform 2
  • 13:40-14:25: Rethinking Transformation by Daniel Terhorst-North (VIRTUAL TALK)
  • 16:40-17:25: How to sell a big refactor or rewrite to the business? by Ivett Ördög
  • Minnie: Oh. Dan North will have a virtual talk. That is almost the same as watching it later from recording.
  • Miki: You are right. We might choose a different topic. We will see.
  • Minnie: I am especially happy about Ivett's talk as we had a conversation recently about testing and business, and selling a refactor was also mentioned, of course.
  • Maudience: Guys! We are losing our readers. Move on!

  • Miki: The first talk will be Non-Functional Coding by Kevlin Henney. As there will be no other talks, it is an easy choice. The table is quite colorful, so I will use cyan color to highlight the selected one.

From 10:50, there will be 6 talks:

  • Squaring the circle - mastering the next level of architectural design by Uwe Friedrichsen
  • Driving effective Prioritization for optimal business outcomes by Smruti Patel
  • Taking the 737 to the MAX! by Nickolas Means
  • Domain-Driven Design and Team Topologies: Architecting for Fast Flow by Nick Tune & Zsófia Herendi
  • 5 Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner About Scaling Teams by Meri Williams (VIRTUAL TALK)
  • Dantotsu Radical Software Quality Improvement by Fabrice Bernhard (VIRTUAL TALK)

  • Minnie: What a pity we cannot listen to all of them.

  • Miki: Don't worry, all the talks will be recorded, and they will be available to all the participants.
  • Minnie: Cool. So which will we choose?
  • Miki: It is not an easy choice. Some names are quite mysterious, like "Taking the 737 to the MAX!" but I guess it is about the Boeing 737, but I can be totally wrong, of course.
  • Minnie: So will we listen to that?
  • Miki: Looking at the five talks, "Dantotsu Radical Software Quality Improvement" by Fabrice Bernhard is the most relevant in our current situation.
  • Minnie: Why?
  • Miki: As you know, I work as a test automation engineer, so ensuring quality is my number one prio.
  • Minnie: I would like to listen to "Domain-Driven Design and Team Topologies: Architecting for Fast Flow" by Nick Tune & Zsófia Herendi, especially as there will be a Hungarian speaker.
  • Miki: You can watch the record later.
  • Minnie: Oh, you are right. I almost forgot about that. So what will we listen to from 11:55?
  • Miki: As Nick Tune & Zsófia Herendi talk is longer, there will be 5 talks:

  • Balancing Coupling in Software Design by Vladik Khononov

  • Applying Friction for Development Productivity with Circuit Breakers by Frank Chen
  • How To Build Your Own Heroku in 2022? by Viktor Farcic
  • Micro-Frontends anti-patterns by Luca Mezzalira (VIRTUAL TALK)
  • When life gives you Orange, make data speak volumes! by Drishti Jain (VIRTUAL TALK)

  • Minnie: I've seen the Heroku name so many times in the last few months, so I would like to listen to that.

  • Miki: I think in order to get the most out of this talk, we should have basic Heroku knowledge, so maybe next time.
  • Minnie: Which will be then?
  • Miki: After reading Frank Chen's bio, it is a clear choice:

    At Slack, Frank focuses on making engineers' lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive in the Developer Productivity group.

They have a productivity group which is fantastic. I have fallen in love with the idea of a productivity team since I heard Kathryn Koehler's talk. in which she explains Netflix has a productivity engineering team that is focusing on helping other teams to be more productive.

I hope sometime in the future there will be such a team in my employer's company. It is a little bit similar to the automation engineer idea about which I was talking in To Test, or Not to Test, That is Not The Question Reloaded - AKA Why You Should Replace Your Automated Tests With Manual Tests.

  • Minnie: So, what's next?
  • Miki: Lunch.
  • Miki: I am hungry too, but I meant what will come in the schedule.
  • Miki: Lunch.
  • Minnie: Stop it, Miki. It is not lunchtime yet.
  • Mictor: I am hungry too. Where is my mustard?
  • Miki: No! No! I mean lunch is the next part of the conference.
  • Minnie: 🤦‍♀️

  • Miki: So let's continue. Here are the talks from the next etap:

  • Stop Focusing on Tech Debt by Aviv Ben-Yosef

  • Open Source Security: The World Needs Our Help by Eric Brewer
  • Delivery through Retrospection for Improvement by Anjali Leon & April Jefferson
  • Loosely or lousily coupled? Understanding communication patterns in microservices architectures by Bernd Rücker (VIRTUAL TALK)
  • Engineering for Software - How to Amplify Creativity by Dave Farley (VIRTUAL TALK)

  • Minnie: Which one will be your selection, Miki?

  • Miki: You know, Minnie, one of my goals is to become more creative, so I will listen to Dave Farley's "Engineering for Software - How to Amplify Creativity".
  • Minnie: Cool.
  • Meadline: I am sorry for the interruption, but it is time to stop this planning part and talk about the giveaway as we have to post this article today, and we also have to develop a mobile app and write an article about it in order to participate in the Hashnode Writeathon. The deadline is only 4 days away.
  • Miki: Ok. Let's talk about the giveaway.

The Craft Conf Giveaway AKA Your Chance To Win an Online Craft Conf Ticket

Dear fellow (wannabe) Bloggers!

I would like to inspire you for writing articles, so I have decided to have a giveaway in which you can win a ticket for the Craft Conf 2022.

I do not believe in luck, so I will personally select the winners.

There are 3 categories in which you can participate:

  1. Funniest technical article. Writing is fun, reading should be fun too. I would like to awaken the technicalish writer in you.
  2. Most inspiring article. I was inspired multiple times by your writings, so I would like to encourage you to continue posting new valuable content.
  3. Any other article. I do not want to exclude any type of article, as all of them are valuable. In the worst case, if nobody reads it, it is still valuable for the writer as you can learn a lot by writing about a topic.

You can participate with multiple articles.

The selection process will be sobjective, which means it will be subjective as there is no single person in the world who can be totally objective, and it will be objective as my whole team will evaluate the articles, which means 30+ different viewpoints.

Rules of participation:

  1. You have to write and publish an article.

In case you have no blog yet, I highly advise using Hashnode because I do believe this is the best blogging platform for software developers. Both for reading and writing high-quality, valuable articles. I highly recommend reading my summary of my first month on Hashnode: My First Month on Hashnode - A Retrospection About Blogging on Hashnode Developer Journaling Platform by Miki Szeles.

Here is my Hashnode referral link. I do not get anything if you use it (I am already a Hashnode Ambassador), but it would be motivating to see how many people I inspired to start Hashnode blogging.

The article's title has to end with "AKA Craft Conf Giveaway Participation".

The deadline for the submission is the 25th of May.

I will share all participating articles on my LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. In case you will be selected as a winner, you have to write a 1000 words article about the conference in exchange for the ticket. It can be a general article or an article about one or more talks. I need this as that was the agreement between CraftHub and me. I will share the article on my LinkedIn and Twitter, and CraftHub will also share it.

  2. In order to participate, you have to comment the following sentence under this article:

"I am participating in the Craft Conf giveaway, and I will write a 1000-word article about the conference if I win."

How will I find your article

I will follow everyone who is commenting the above-mentioned sentence under this article if they are from Hashnode,, or, as I can only follow you on a platform where I am registered.

I highly recommend posting the link here for 2 reasons:

  1. To make sure I won't miss it
  2. Others can also find and read your article.

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I am looking forward to your articles.

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