Happy International Women's Day - Miki Szeles's words about Women in Tech 💝

Happy International Women's Day - Miki Szeles's words about Women in Tech 💝

Today is the 8th of March which means only one thing: International Women's Day.

Happy Women's Day Ladies 🧡

Ok, I lied, for me, it is also a special day as today is my father's Zoltán's name-day. However I know you won't read it, but I still wish you a very happy name-day, Dad.

I brought you a flower, a Calla, which is one of my water droplet photographs:

Water Droplet Liquid Art Calla Women's Day Women In Tech Technology

This photo was birth by combining both technology and photography, and as being a flower I couldn't come up with a better one to express Women in Technology.

As this photograph is not suitable for a cover image I looked for a stock photo using the term women in tech.

I have to tell the result was quite distressing. I huge portion of the images was about women blindly looking around in a VR Headset and another big part of the images were featuring ladies looking at mobile phones or computers so amazed like they so such tech device for the first time in their life.

It looks like there is a niche here, so fellow photographers it is time to fill that gap and create really great photos of Women in Tech.

Sorry for the long prelude. 😊

Despite being a male, I consider promoting Women in Technology very important.

I have already spoken a few words about Women in Tech in my article Hashnode Weekly 003 by Miki Szeles, but this topic definitely deserves its own separate post.

After reading my article one of our team managers Ági said she can highly relate to my writing as being a Women in Tech her life was very tough in the past. I won't share more from our conversation as she promised she will share her thoughts too.

So the discussions with Ági inspired me to write this post. Thanks, Ági. 🧡

From today I will take part in a very exciting conference called Reinforce AI Conference 2022. The event is organized by a Hungarian company CraftHub. It is still not too late to participate as the presentations will only start in the afternoon. You can read my recommendatory here: Reinforce AI Conference 2022 Starts Tomorrow.

There will be 16 exceptional presenters from all around the world from whom 4 are women(Dr. Olivia Erdelyi, Erin LeDell, Alexandra Ebert and Virginia Dignum).

You might say it should be 50%-50%, but I think it should represent the women-men ratio in the field, which might be correct. Of course, I can totally accept if you are on a different opinion, please feel free to share it in the comment section.

I am pretty excited about this conference. 😊

I also brought you 3 articles on the topic of Women in Technology.

I just quickly mention the first one Devhouse's What's it like to be a woman working in tech? as I already spoke about it in my post 2 days ago.

The next one is about the topic which is the closest to my heart (right before Data Analysis about which you can read in my article Miki Szeles's Adventures in The Field of Data Science - The backstory): Testing.

It is a post written by Kristin Jackvony who fell in love with testing in 2009 after a career in music education. She is currently the Principal Engineer for Quality at Paylocity, where she helps teams adopt good quality practices.

She writes regularly about testing on her blog Think Like a Tester and she just published a book “The Complete Software Tester”, which is available on Amazon. You can even read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, but I always buy the books which I found insightful to show my gratitude and I advice the same to you. 😊

Her article 7 Influential Women in Test to Follow Today is a must read for everyone in the testing world. I won't say more about the article, instead of that just read it. 😊

I found the other writing here on Hashnode. It is a post from Nic who like problem solving and making things pretty. She also likes red.

Her post Women in Tech is quite short, but it still contains many valuable thoughts. I was happy to read that she never felt discriminated during her professional career which unfortunately not true for many of the women (in the tech world).

Happy International Women's Day Ladies. 🧡

I hope you find my post insightful, spread the word and celebrate women in tech together by sharing this article! 😊🧡

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