Hashnode Weekly 001 by Miki Szeles

Hashnode Weekly 001 by Miki Szeles


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There are so many great articles here on Hashnode. My daily habit of checking Facebook and Instagram whenever I have a few minutes switched to reading Hashnode and Medium.com articles. Actually, I got totally addicted to it. The first thing in the morning is to check the Recent section of the app and read whatever seems interesting to me.

I have decided to collect the articles I found the most insightful into a weekly post, so I can let you know some awesome content and will also be great for myself as a reference.

As I am mainly interested in Software Development, Testing and Automation, Data Analytics and Deep Learning, Self-improvement, Blogging, Productivity and Psychology, you will find articles mostly related to these topics. I won't waste your time, let's see the list.



Software Development


Data Analytics and Deep Learning

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Happy reading. 😊

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