Medium Weekly 002 by Miki Szeles

Medium Weekly 002 by Miki Szeles

Similarly to Hashnode, I also collect the most insightful articles from

In this series, in addition to the wider list, I always highlight a narrow selection of these awesome articles. From this week I found Eka Setya Nugraha’s writing How I lost my passion as a Software Developer the most insightful.

Eka proved to be an extraordinarily brave person and developer by sharing his very personal story about the dark side of being a software developer. I am with you Eka and thank you very much for sharing your heart touching story with the community. I also wrote my story of the human side of being a software developer. For me, it includes years of depression and impostor syndrome. But I was not brave enough yet to post it.

Test Automation and Testing

This week’s favourite in this category is iteo’s post in which he shared 10 useful Chrome extensions for software testers. It is definitely worth a look. I also added the 11th Selenideium Element Inspector with which test automation teams can save hours daily. At the moment it supports Selenide and Selenium but next week a huge feature update will come with support for Cypress, Playwright, TestCafe and Squish. I highly advise you to check it in case you would like to boost your productivity.

Let’s see the other awesome writings.

Software Development

Blogging, Writing and Journaling

From this topic, my number one recommendation goes to Zulie Rane. She is definitely a writer worth following in case you would like to learn how to write and how to earn money by writing. However I have not earned any money by writing yet (ok, I have to admit, I got 0.95BAT on Hashnode, but that money came from my colleague so that does not count 😊), I would like to change that in the future. Zulie Rane provides 5 valuable pieces of advice on how to get more stability from your freelance writing in her article Your Freelance Revenue Is Causing Financial Instability. Here Are 5 Ways to Fix That and she also mentions 3 boring income streams which earns her $5k/month she also wrote an article How I Gave Myself a 25% Raise — Even Though I’m a Freelancer.

Self-improvement, Productivity, Psychology, Worklife

I would like to introduce Maya Sayvanova. She is a Bulgarian Wife and Mother. According to her profile, she is taller than necessary. 🧡 This time she gladdens us with her writing Who Are You: My Best Friend’s Surprising Lesson.
She is quite a prolific writer I brought another two writings from her in one of them she gave pretty valuable advice in her own unique style on writing: The Most Chaotic Writer In The World Shows You How To Choose A Writing Niche and the other one is Working for Yourself Sucks Sometimes, but It’s Better Than a Day Job.

Let’s see the other great posts from this section.

Data Analysis and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning

From this section my favourite article is Amardeep Parmar’s Could AI Fix The Company “Fit” Problem?. I am a big fan of AI, but I have never heard about AI used in recruiting. Up till now. However I prefer personal interaction much more, I would definitely give a try to an interview conducted by an AI. What about you?😊

Let’s see the other cool topics.

And that’s it. Feel free to add any great content in the comment section.

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